Bookbinder: TFO presents 'Les artisan du livre' - The Bookbinders: Don Taylor and Béatrice Stock, 2015

Bookbinder: Toronto Standard presents 'Made in Toronto' - The Bookbinder: Don Taylor from Toronto Standard on Vimeo.

'Made in Toronto' - The Bookbinder: Don Taylor

Directed & Edited by Tate Young
Produced & Written by Ian Daffern.
Photographed by Tony Edgar.


Portfolio & Presentation

We bind books for presentation to visiting or retiring dignitaries, family histories, art projects, and historical and contemporary book props for T.V. series and commercials, scary occult feature films and musical theatre..


Course offerings from bookbinding fundamentals through advanced box making to design binding and paper decorating techniques.

Corporate & Edition Binding

We can help you produce elegant and distinctive proposals, preserve an archive or bind short run editions of fine press books, and your own self- published texts of family histories and memoirs.

Restoration & Rebinding

Tired And Broken Treasures Carefully Restored And Rebound

Interview with Don Taylor, Bookbinder

I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Taylor recently, a bookbinder based in Toronto. Don’s been in the industry for thirty years, his work ranging from personal publications under Pointyhead Press, collaborations with colleagues, design book bindings, and, of course, book restorations. Read More...